Papers in refereed journals

Editorial: What are nursing journals for? Journal of Advanced Nursing, in press 
Big Ideas: New metaphors for nursing (1) The nurse as musician, Nurse Education Today, in press
Big Ideas: New metaphors for nursing (2) The nurse as bricoleur, Nurse Education Today, in press
Big Ideas: New metaphors for nursing (3) The nurse as gardener, Nurse Education Today, in press


Big Ideas: Being reasonable in a rational world, Nurse Education Today, 2017, 55,:142-143

Editorial: I have nothing to say (and I am saying it), Journal of Research in Nursing, 2017, 22, 432-435


Exercising the nursing imagination: Putting values and scholarship back into research, Journal of Research in Nursing, 2016, 21, 7, 517-527    

Editorial: Professional leadership and the h-index: The rights and wrongs of academic nursing, Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2016, 25, 2727-2729

Research challenges 1: Is nursing research relevant to practice? Nursing Times, 2016, 112, 41/42, 13-15

Research challenges 2: Reclaiming nursing as a research-led profession, Nursing Times, 2016, online issue, 13, 1-3.

A sacred command of reason? Deceit, deception and dishonesty in nurse education, Nursing Philosophy, 2016, 17, 173-181

Big Ideas: Did Schon really say that? A response to Comer, Nurse Education Today, 2016, 36, 1-3


Editorial: Wisdom, prudence and academic freedom, Nurse Education Today, 2015, 35, 423-424

Editorial: Is there a bachelor in the house?, Nursing Philosophy, 2015, 16, 4, 175-176

Foundations for a human science of nursing: Gadamer. Laing and the hermeneutics of caring, Nursing Philosophy, 2015, 16, 3, 141-152


Editorial: Wisdom, prudence and academic freedom, Nurse Education Today, 2015, 35, 423-424

The compassion deficit and what to do about it: A response to Paley (with Lyn Gardner), Nursing Philosophy, 2014, 15, 288-297

Editorial: Special Edition, Nurse Education Today, 2014, 34, 8, 1135

Rethinking reflective education: What would Dewey have done? Nurse Education Today, 2014, 34, 8, 1179-1183

Understanding advanced nursing practice, Nursing Times, 2014, 110, 27, 20-23

A new vision for advanced nursing p

ractice, Nursing Times, 2014, 110, 28, 18-21

Big Ideas: Reach, touch and teachNurse Education Today, 2014, 488–489

Making a difference: using action research to explore our educational practice (with 5 others), Educational Action Research, 2014, 22, 3, 380-396

Editorial: Educating the good for nothing studentJournal of Clinical Nursing, 2014, 23, 11-12, 1459-1460

Commentary on Kelly: Learning is still the real business of the University, Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2014, 23, 5-6, 892-893

Invisible gorillas and red herrings: a response to Paley (with Lyn Gardner), Nurse Education Today, 2014, 34, 6, 954-957


The theorist-practitioner gap: bringing the two sides closer together (with Lyn Gardner and Peter Ghroum), Mental Health Practice, 2013, 16, 6, 

Thinking as a subversive activity: doing philosophy in the corporate universityNursing Philosophy, 2013, 14,1, 28-37 

Essaying the essay: Nursing scholarship and the hegemony of the laboratory (with Lyn Gardner), Nurse Education Today, 2013, 33, 31-35 


Fast food for thought: How to survive and thrive in the corporate universityNurse Education Today, 2012,32, 7, 732-736 

Cardinal John Henry Newman and ‘the ideal state and purpose of a university’: nurse education, research and practice development for the twenty-first centuryNursing Inquiry, 2012, 19, 2, 98-106 

Big ideas: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Nurse Education Today, 2012, 32, 3, 195-6.


Big ideas: C. Wright Mills on Intellectual CraftsmanshipNurse Education Today, 2011, 31, 115-6

Commentary on: Christensen, M. (2011) Advancing nursing practice redefining the theoretical and practical integration of knowledgeJournal of Clinical Nursing, 2011, 20, 873-881


That dangerous supplement: a short introduction to reading and writing for nurses. Paper commissioned by the Icelandic Journal of Nursing, 2010, 5, 86, 40-42 

The jargon wheel and the total library: The problem of reliability in qualitative researchJournal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 2010, 17, 10, 931-934 

Face-to-Face: An interview with Gary RolfeMental Health Practice, 2010, 14, 4, 35 

Pause for thought: Big ideas for nurse education. Review of The Two CulturesNurse Education Today, 2010, 30, 8, 705-706

Editorial: Only connect… an invitation to scholarshipNurse Education Today, 2010, 30, 8, 703-4

A reply to 'Why nursing has not embraced the clinician-scientist role' by Martha MacKay: Nursing Science and the postmodern menaceNursing Philosophy, 2010, 11, 2, 136-140

Conversations with ourselves: A rejoinder to Topping and ReedNurse Education Today, 2010, 30, 101-2


PhD by publication: A prospective as well as retrospective award? Some subversive thoughts (with Ruth Davies), Nurse Education Today, 2009, 29, 6, 590-594 

Second generation professional doctorates in nursing(with Ruth Davies),International Journal of Nursing Studies, 2009, 46, 9, 1265-1273 

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Some further questions on the nature of caringInternational Journal of Nursing Studies, 2009, 46, 143-6 

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Editorial: Managing complexityJournal of Nursing Management, 2007, 15, 675-6 

Editorial: Management, leadership and patient outcomesJournal of Nursing Management, 2007, 15, 470-1

Feedback: Nursing management and the management of nursingJournal of Nursing Management, 2007, 15, 559-60 

Review: Moving from collision to integration: Reflecting on the experience of mixed methodsJournal of Research in Nursing, 2007, 12, 1, 85-86


Papers in refereed journals


Education, philosophy and academic practice: Nursing Studies in the Posthistorical University (with Lyn Gardner) Nurse Education Today, 2006, 26, 8, 634-9

‘Intimate sociological strangers’: The practice of ethnography in healthcare Journal of Research in Nursing, 2006, 11, 5, 379-382

‘Do not ask who I am…’: confession, emancipation and (self) management through reflection (with Lyn Gardner) Journal of Nursing Management, 2006, 14, 593-600

Towards a geology of evidence-based practice (with Lyn Gardner)  International Journal of Nursing Studies, 2006, 43, 7, 903-913

After critiqueJournal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 2006, 13, 373-377

Nursing knowledge and nurses’ knowledge: a reply to Mitchell and Bournes (with Pamela G. Reed) Nursing Science Quarterly, 2006, 19, 2, 120-2

Judgements without rules: towards a postmodern concept of research validityNursing Inquiry, 2006, 13, 7-15

Validity, trustworthiness and rigour: quality and the idea of qualitative researchJournal of Advanced Nursing, 2006, 53, 3, 304-310

Nursing praxis and the science of the unique, Nursing Science Quarterly, 2006, 19, 1,39-43

Review: Using grounded theory to research parent participationJournal of Research in Nursing, 2006, 11, 6, 517-8 

Review: Exploring the influences and use of the literature during a grounded theory study, Journal of Research in Nursing, 2006, 11, 6, 529-30 

Review: Ethnographic evidence: The value of applied ethnography in healthcare,Journal of Research in Nursing, 2006, 11, 5, 395-6 

Book review: The essential concepts of nursingJournal of Research in Nursing, 2006, 11, 4, 373-4 

Research, practice and praxis, in Theory and Practice in Nurse Education:Proceedings of the 4th International Research and Development Conference, Aarhus, Denmark, 24-26 August 2005, Centre for Innovation in Nurse Education.

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Review: In command of care: clinical leadership – towards the theory of congruent leadershipJournal of Research in Nursing, 2006, 11, 2, 145-6 

Review: In command of care: clinical leadership exploredJournal of Research in Nursing, 2006, 11, 1, 40-1 

Review: A critical realist rationale for using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodsJournal of Research in Nursing, 2006, 11, 1, 79-80


Core elements of programmatic research in nursing: a case study (with  Tina Koch & Debbie Kralik), Collegian, 2005, 12, 1, 7-12 

To save the honour of thinkingInternational Journal of Nursing Studies, 2005, 42, 363-9 

Where is John Paley when you need him?Nursing Philosophy, 2005, 6, 153-5 

Towards a nursing science of the unique: evidence, reflexivity and the study of persons (with Lyn Gardner),Journal of Research in Nursing, 2005, 10, 3, 297-310 

The deconstructing angel: nursing, reflection and evidence-based practiceNursing Inquiry, 2005, 12, 78-86 

The research assessment exercise and its effects on practice development (with Lyn Gardner), Practice Development in Health Care, 2005, 4, 3, 160-1  

Research, practice and praxis, Proceedings of the 4th International research and Development Conference, Aarhus, Denmark, 41-65

Editorial: Evidence-Based-Practice and the need for conceptual clarityPractice Development in Health Care, 2005, 4, 1, 1-2 
Review: Colliding discourses: deconstructing the process of seeking ethical approval for a participatory evaluation projectJournal of Research in Nursing, 2005, 10, 2, 231-3 

Do we really want a modern and dependable health service?Journal of Nursing Management, 2004, 12, 79-84 

Review: Expanding the case study: The narrative threadJournal of Research in Nursing, 2004, 9, 1, 37 

Review: Challenges of collecting data in the clinical settingJournal of Research in Nursing, 2004, 9, 2, 142 

What did the professors say... (with others) Professorial panel report from the 2004 NPNR Conference, eNetLink, 2004, 1, 3-10  

Deconstruction in a nutshellNursing Philosophy, 2004, 5, 274-6


Reply to NewellClinical Effectiveness in Nursing, 2003, 7, 61 

Editorial: Against ExcellenceNurse Education in Practice, 2003, 3, 1-3 

Commentary: Practitioner Researcher EditionJournal of Research in Nursing, 2003, 8, 2, 132-3  


Faking a difference: evidence-based nursing and the illusion of diversityNurse Education Today, 2002, 22, 3-12 

Book review: The Uncollected BaudrillardNursing Philosophy, 3, 185-6 

A lie that helps us to see the truth: research, truth and fiction in the helping professionsReflective Practice, 2002, 3, 1, 89-102 

Reflective practice: where now? Nurse Education in Practice, 2002, 2, 21-9 

Faking a difference: a reply to Thompson and WatsonNurse Education Today, 2002, 22, 275-7 

Editorial: Towards a science of the singular, Nursing in Critical Care, 2002, 7, 5, 213-4 

Editorial: Don’t follow leaders… Journal of Nursing Management, 2002 10, 311-3 


Postmodernism for healthcare workers in thirteen easy stepsNurse Education Today, 2001, 21, 38-47 

Critical reflexivity: a politically and ethically engaged research method for nursing (with Dawn Freshwater),Journal of Research in Nursing, 2001, 6, 1, 526-537. 


Fit for practice: Project 2000 student nurses’ views on how well the curriculum prepares them for clinical practice (with Fullbrook, Boxall & Albarran), Nurse Education Today, 2000, 20, 350-357. 

One law for the lion and the ox... A reply to Burnard & HanniganJournal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 2000, 7, 363-366. 

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Rewriting myselfNurse Education Today, 1999, 19, 295-298. 

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The pleasure of the bottomless: postmodernism, chaos and paradigm shiftsNurse Education Today, 1999, 19, 668-672. 


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